Starting over.

Sooo just a quick post.. I completely switched up my blog and I deleted my old posts because I wanna have a fresh start. But I'm not even sure anymore if I should keep my blog =/, I've just been feeling a little discouraged and just unsure of whether or not I should have my own blog. I love expressing myself but idk..


wake your dreams?!

^_^ I love this DIY!
Im gonna try to do this soon & if its a successful attempt (slim chance) I'll include it in an outfit post :)!

So I'm still in the process of changing up my blog, I'm just so indecisive =/. I think I wanna change my name to 'wake your dreams' bcus to me it means make your dreams a reality & its a phrase I live by, some people think it's stupid but idk I like it, I was also lookin at song lyrics but I couldn't find a good short quote. Ugh, picking a blog name SUCKS! Im just so sick of my current one though, suggestions are appreciated =).

Im gonna change my background too but I can't find anything I like... I've just been feeling uninspired lately & I can't seem to shake it. What do you do when you feel like this?


hello old friend..

Yeah I know I've been gone for ages but.. im BACK! Not that its a big deal or anything lol, classes are finally over I just have three finals to get through & then im done! I haven't had much time to myself cus I been stressing school but its over for now.

Anywaysssss... I wanna change up my blog & change my name. Any ideas?

Enjoy your day lovelies =D.