wake your dreams?!

^_^ I love this DIY!
Im gonna try to do this soon & if its a successful attempt (slim chance) I'll include it in an outfit post :)!

So I'm still in the process of changing up my blog, I'm just so indecisive =/. I think I wanna change my name to 'wake your dreams' bcus to me it means make your dreams a reality & its a phrase I live by, some people think it's stupid but idk I like it, I was also lookin at song lyrics but I couldn't find a good short quote. Ugh, picking a blog name SUCKS! Im just so sick of my current one though, suggestions are appreciated =).

Im gonna change my background too but I can't find anything I like... I've just been feeling uninspired lately & I can't seem to shake it. What do you do when you feel like this?


Bethany said...

Ah! I wish I could sew!

Lydia Marie said...

I think Wake Your Dreams is a cute blog name!

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Alexa P. said...

Not sure if you've already revamped - but what i'm seeing now is absolutely STUNNING. I love the pink flowers and delicate pink script post titles! <3